The hidden secret how to RELATE one to each other

Hi and welcome to another post in our journey,
We’re learning the Bible 
Through the eyes of the Hebrew old nation
Who had the prophets and spoke with God
We’re looking On this Bible as God’s will
We’re learning his will since GOD spoke with us
It’s not only a closed world of the laws of nature
Behind these laws of nature, there is God
Who is speaking to us!

At the first day of the creation,

What exactly are this “Light and darkness?”

What is the meaning of this “Light and darkness?”

When we sitting in the dark
Each one and one of us
And everything that is in the room
Is basically by itself!!!
No one has any reference to anyone else
Nothing has any relationship with anything else
Everything stands by himself and doesn’t see anything else
It doesn’t know exactly the connection
Or the way, the exact distance
Between him and the other thing that is around him.

When we are lighting the candle or any other light
Suddenly everything sits in its place
I know exactly where I am
Who is next to me from the right
Who is next to me in the left
And everything is going back to his proportion
To its exact place

Even more, I can also raise up myself, stand up
And try to relate differently to things or to people
But this is only when we have lights
And everything knows exactly where he is
And what his range around him
We can also, all of us together,
Everything that is sitting in this area of the light
Organize our self to the same propose
For example, when you are going to a theater
Not once you see a spotlight
Only on one of the characters
But when the spotlight is getting wider
And we see few people there and also
All the things that around
We suddenly see a full scene
This is the same thing [The first day]

At the beginning of this creation 
Where everything was in the darkness
We said that the darkness started before the light
What happened is that God created everything but,
Nothing was related one to each other…
Everyone sits by himself and thinks
He is the most the important thing here [Chaos…]
When God said that he is putting inside the light
What he said:

Let’s try to RELATE one to each other

Let’s try to build this as an ONE world

That has the same wish the same will; aim
Want to achieve together
Not to fight one with each other all the time
Not to say “I am the best and the other one is inferior to me”
In the darkness, the potential can’t go out
Every part is for himself
Every part is sure that he is the most important part

What did God do?

Let’s put here a light
Let’s install here the ‘correct position’
Everybody will understand exactly where he is
Where his place, where his order in this chaos
And then we can reunite together
To the same aim; to the same propose

Bible ‘ONE day’

When you will think about this
How we sum up at the end of the first day
It’s written down there.
Let me show you;
At the end of the second day
We say;
“There was an evening and then
Was the morning second day”
The same at the third day and at the fourth day
But on the first day
We’re not saying the “first day”
We’re saying “ONE day
Why are we saying one day?!
Because of the main aim of this day
Of this first day – Its mission was to reunite everybody
To be one!
Therefore, the first day is “the ONE day

As I mentioned in previous videos
If we would have started from the chaos
At the end of the days
The maximum that we can come back
Is to the chaos
But because we are starting with
the Almighty, with God
Who has the ability to organize everybody together
And we are all united through this ONE God
Even though at the second sentence
We are speaking about the chaos
At the end of the days, we will manage
To bring up all of this Chaos
And all of this separation around
To this one aim; to this one proposes
And this is the main aim of the first day

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  1. Thank you Rabbi Chaim Goldberg. I have watched this several times now… and so look forward to hearing more tutoring out of darkness and into light.

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