Larry asked us an excellent question,
And an important one,
That shows a great desire to Bible study:
“How should we gather and learn Torah appropriately?”
“In what approach should be our study and prayer?”
After all, we are speaking about Bible lessons for adults who know those essential stories,
But, They do wish to learn in a direction, which does not contradict the correct approach,
That belongs to all nations, all people of the world.
In this video, I offer a ‘key’ answer.
You can also use the learning materials available on this site,
That is developed explicitly to provide Bible study content [and solutions]
According to this exact ‘question of study’ for all worldwide ‘True seekers.’

See Larry Question:

Bible study for small groups

As we all know you can interpret Everything that written differently from the writer himself. How do we know that our understanding is correct? What is the Bible gateway to the proper understanding? Especially when studying the Bible We must have the connection between the will of the Creator who gave us His words, and his intentions, and this is what we expose at this Bible gateway audio film. The ancient Hebrew people hold these ideas, and that's precisely the 'Bible Gateway' for Understanding the Bible

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Free Mysterious Hebrew ideas through Bible study

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