She woke up! The Sleeping Beauty

She woke up!


Sleeping Beauty, from the classic story.

No, I’m not confused.

It’s happening in front of our eyes, in a big way!!!

In the famous fairy tale, the whole kingdom falls asleep and waits for the prince to arrive,
Brave the thorns and trees surrounding the castle and release them from the curse.
The king and queen, the people in the castle, the horses, the animals, and even the flies…

Lo and behold, he finally arrives, and with a “magic kiss” succeeds in
Waking everyone up and marrying the princess…and the rest is history.

Sleeping Beauty is the Holy Land, the Land of Israel,
The homeland where the Hebrew nation

Dreamed of building its life as far back as its exodus in Egypt.

In this land, the Hebrew nation lived for over 800 years,
Including during the reigns of King David and Solomon.

But then, the land fell into a deep sleep!

Just like the famous story…

During the two thousand years of the Hebrew nation’s exile,
The Greeks, Romans, Mamluks and the Turks were unsuccessful in their attempts
To settle and develop this land.

Anyone who reads the words written by Mark Twain describing the desolate,
The barren land he saw when he visited Israel, which looked as if it was a completely different land
Then the one described in the Bible understands why the word “revival” is appropriate here.

It is a revival that encompasses both the land and the people of the ancient Hebrew nation.
Places long forgotten welcome the people of the land on their paths;
People become creative again; the members of this nation work to promote values of: International Brotherhood, Peace, Respect, and Appreciation for every human being.


All of this is within your reach!

Just hop on the first flight and walk the paths of the land with us.
Visit ancient Shiloh and feel the powerful sensation of Hannah’s prayer for her son, Samuel.
Visit the boutique wineries, reviving the age-old wine country tradition of Samaria.
See replicas of the Tabernacle in Shiloh and the Temple in Jerusalem,
Touch the ancient stones of the holy sites.
Be part of this phenomenon of the return of eternal values derived from the Book of Books,
The Bible – not just through the written words, but via a
live connection with concepts like redemption, revelation, creation… 

It’s right here, with us,
And you’re invited to come,
Encounter the source firsthand,
draw strength and connect to these empowering energies.

All of this and more will be part of a special package
That is tailor-made exactly to your size!

This article is part of few “fairy tales.”
It turns out that they are hiding some truth.

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