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This course is based on my knowledge, after leaving my ‘comfort zone’ as a successful high school principal job (in Israel), going to different places in the world delivering seminars to non-Jews who were seeking for true answers. Out of the many conversations I had, I understood those five (six) mistakes we will clear them up in the course here.

Achieve more significant levels of joy and freedom by understanding that YOU have a choice to decide the underlying assumptions of your life. Here you will take your first step In the series of courses that will ‘Open the Gate’ for you for a broad and inspiring understanding, which gives eternal life for those who act by these messages.

When you understand the motive, in fact, it affects the whole act!

We will learn here the motivation of Gratitude, not as a benefit we will receive, but from the standpoint of a moral position, and to what height this approach can lead me.

Our primary goal is

To treat the 'Human Code,

To develop and realize an individual’s emotional, Intellectual and Behavioral potential.
After all, this is the essential resource on our planet!
In those courses, we will do our first steps through the FIRST words of the Bible as the Hebrew nation preserved throughout history.

Those courses combine human rationality and morality, With clear instructions for daily practice and real life.

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