Clear the gossip: Why did I leave Christianity?

The true meaning, not Gossip…

I’m going to summarize everything that happened
here in the last couple of days.
First, I’m very thankful to the Lord
That this vision (seminar) happened to be a reality.
A lot has been said,
but I just want to put everything together.
For what the Rabbi said a couple of minutes ago,
And he used an analogy of people in a dialogue:
The Jewish nation had a dialogue with the Almighty, the Creator, a discussion with God!
And somebody who was not there was not part of this dialog,
Probably heard a sound, and assumed what was discussed,
And I don’t know the right word to use for such a method, a gossip, 
Or you know – It’s more like a gossip, or more whatever… (Click to tweet)
But they assumed what was discussed, and it went everywhere in the world, they said, “This is what was discussed.”
Because he wanted his message, he expects his version,
Will take over the whole world, and he was threatened,
He was so threatened that maybe if the original version comes out,
His own version is no longer going to be in vogue
And since his own interest is going to be threatened,
So he decided to persecute the original people,
To intimidate the original people,
And so, for the last 2,000 years, the Jewish people
Who was given the assignment, the mandates to take the Torah (Bible, Old Testament) and to teach the world,
Instead of living up to that mandate, for the past 2,000 years
all they were doing, was to hide for security, to secure their lives and that of their families.
Because the gossip says, the original men that had the discussion
with the Almighty HaShem (God), would not be given the opportunity
to come out and send a message! (Click to tweet)
And so they were killed, they were hated, they made all kinds of stories against the original people which are the Jewish people.
All of this for one reason, so that what was discussed, would not be in the open!

I don’t know if you understand that.

And so for the past 2,000 years, the rest of the world has been living on the gossip.
And then they are not even sure because of the one who, the gossip is not even sure of the story.
This story is based on hearsay, and hearsay and hearsay.
And so the rest of the world has been living on gossip.

Gossip is creating new GOD…

But there was a prophecy that at the end of days, 10 people will hold onto the skirt of He that is a Jew, and they will say,

“We have seen that the Lord is with you, we shall go with you.”

So, what does that mean?
It means that a time will come that the Jewish people will no longer feel
Comfortable in their caves,
They will come out, alright, and the world will see the need to receive the Jewish people, and exactly in our days.

Now I want to read scripture to you.
Jeremiah chapter 16, Jeremiah 16:19;

“God, my strength, my stronghold
And my refuge on the day of distress
To you, nations will come
From the ends of the Earth
At the end of days.” [We live at the end of times]
“..and say:
“…It was our first womb, that our ancestors inhabited…”
“…Futility that has no purpose…”

My heart bleeds for Africa, why?
Because Africa has been living on this, On the version of this “Gossip”,
And Africa is so deep in it, So passionate about it,
And the religious houses are everywhere in Africa, but yet,
Africa remains the poorest continent in the world.
Because we have lived on the version, of the “Gossip.”  (Click to tweet)

And so, I conclude this scripture,

“Futility that has no Purpose
Can a man Make gods for himself?…”

The ‘Gossip’ said that I heard echoes,
And the echoes, “I heard sounded,”
They sound sounded like there were three people speaking,
But the man Who spoke with the Almighty knew
That he was discussing with the one GOD,
But the one who heard me from far,
Said, “I heard echoes, and what I heard It sounded like it was three people.”
And he’s running through the world, and he said:
“It looks like I heard three people speaking…” To these people, who said God is coming.
And we lived on that ‘Gossip’…

“…can a man Make God for himself?…”

(Click to tweet)
They [Hebrew people] say: “There are not God’s”,
So one day I said, “I’ve lived for 40 years of my life on ‘Gossip’.” 

Wake up, people, Wake up!

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  1. Amazing how the original eclipses all gossip!

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