It does not make any sense

Precisely with the arrival of autumn 
The members of the Hebrew nation leave their homes for a week?!

Every year, when the fall comes, 
The members of the Hebrew nation are requested 
To abandon their homes for a week and sit on Sukkot (tabernacles). 
What’s the point? 
Why not sit in Sukkot with the beginning of spring, 
When it’s the most comfortable weather?

One explanation for the Sukkot Holiday:
When the Hebrew nation came out from the Egypt slavery,
Many miracles occurred: 
Ten plagues that landed in Egypt, 
Splitting Miracle of the Red Sea, 
Water came out of the rock, 
Manna descended daily from heaven provided them with food for forty years.

One of the most significant miracles that took place 
While walking in the hot, arid desert, 
Was the Divine accompaniment clouds, 
Serving as a shadow to all Hebrew nation people. 
These heavenly clouds are referred to, in the Hebrew tradition,
As “clouds of glory.” 
In commemoration of this particular miracle, 
The sons of the Hebrew nation build every year Sukkot 
And sit in their shade, called in Kabbalah the “Shadow of Faith.”

If Sukkot took place in the springtime, 
When people naturally go out after a long winter, 
The reason and memory of sitting in the Sukkot 
Were probably being forgotten.

But, like everything that exists in the world, 
There is another reason, more internal, 
That explains why we are sitting in the Sukkah. 
The Sukkah represents temporariness, 
It is built for a limited period and is not particularly high. 
Thus, we must remember that all of our reality 
In this world – is temporary, 
And that there are moral values that are eternal and reliable 
From beyond our world, 
Those values should guide our behavior 
Here, in our life in this temporary world.

And since we are just temporary in this world don't forget this important tip;

Sukkot also has a universal aspect of the entire world. 
This is reflected in the fact that the people of Israel were commanded 
During the week of Sukkot, To pray In the Temple
For the success of all nations.

We also find the prophecy of Zechariah the prophet on the end of days (Zechariah 14:16):
” And it shall come to pass, 
That every one that is left of all the nations…
Shall even go up from year to year 
To worship the King, the LORD of hosts, 
And to keep the feast of tabernacles. (Sukkot)”

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  1. What a lovely message, thank you!

  2. Thank you for the good encouraging words Rabbi.

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