Shocking ‘name.’ to this book of revelation

As we start learning the Bible books in order,

we find something strange in the ‘Second’ book. In Hebrew, we call this book of revelation: ‘Names’ since this is the second word of this book.
At first glance, since it describes The Hebrew nation ‘Exit’ from Egypt, it Makes sense to call this second book ‘Exodus.’ what means ‘book of Revelation.’

But What is the profound meaning of the word 'Names' for this book?

“And the God called to the man, and He said to him;

"Where are you?"

[Genesis 4:9]

It’s a parable for all humankind.
When someone forgets his LIFE PURPOSE,
God, who gave him life, asks this piercing question:
“Where are you?”
Demanding this man to find himself!

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Free Mysterious Hebrew ideas through Bible study

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