Bible study secret meaning of Cinderella story

“I believe the Cinderella story.”

“It happened!”
Okay, if a three-year-old boy or girl were to say something like this,
That would be tolerable.
But a university professor?
A professor of Philosophy no less??
The head of the Department of General Philosophy?!
This was how he entered his new lecture, in a flurry.
We were pretty shocked.
“We all grew up on the famous story
[The professor began to explain his reasoning],
Three sisters who lived together.
One wore a silk dress,
The second wore chiffon,
And Cinderella, the third sister, wore torn and ragged clothes.
The two sisters made Cinderella’s life miserable
And made her the servant of the home;
Her only friends were the mice in the kitchen…”

“You probably think I’m a total idiot,”

He accused us.
“I would like to view this story as a depiction of what happened in our world
Over the past two thousand years.”
He took a deep breath and continued:
“Many chapters of the spiritual history of humanity were written by
Cinderella’s two sisters.

Don’t think about the literal meaning;
There is a profound interpretation concealed here.
It is referring to the Hebrew nation
Who was expelled from its land two thousand years ago
And its two sisters,
Christianity and Islam,
Teased it and made its life miserable
Justifying this with a full ideological approach,
Instead of Studying the Bible from the source – learning it entirely different…
Let me quote to you a few sentences
Written by Blaise Pascal:
“It is a wonderful thing, and worthy of particular attention,
To see those Jewish people existing so many years in perpetual misery,
It is necessary…
The Jews have no messiah,
They hope for the Messiah in vain.” (Pensees 640, 747)

Thus, throughout the history of the past 2,000 years
The two sisters of the Hebrew nation,
A nation that Studying the Bible in a unique way
Who believes in a universal message of unity
[That does not demand that everyone be Jewish!]
Ridiculed this nation,
Scorned it,
And vehemently claimed that
“Jerusalem has been destroyed and will never again return
To Jewish control.”
(Karl Ludwig Schmidt, in an argument with Martin Buber, Jan. 14, 1933).

The end of the story is well known.
Remember? There was a big party
Cinderella forgot her shoe
And although her sisters teased her
In the end, the shoe fit her
And she returned to her former greatness.

If all this wasn’t enough for us,
Professor Shalom Rosenberg
Concluded with the following sentence:
“This whole cute ending with the shoe
Is hinted to so wonderfully in the Bible.
Remember how in the Book of Ruth,
Boaz takes her for a wife?!
It says there:
“This was the custom in Israel regarding redeeming…
A man drew off his shoe!” (Ruth 4:7)
This was the origin of King David,
From whom the Messiah will descend!
Who held this understanding of the Bible?!
Only the Israeli sages.

Jean Jacques Rousseau
Wrote the following words in the 17th century:
“At Sorbonne University, there is no doubt
That the prophecies about the Messiah are referring to Jesus.
It is also clear to the Rabbis of Amsterdam, with the same degree of certainty,
That they are not connected to Jesus at all!

I think that I will never know what the Jews genuinely claim
As long as they do not have their own free country,
Study halls and universities,

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Where they can speak and discuss without fear. Only then will we be able to know what they say.”
[Emile 4]

Thank you to Professor Shalom Rosenberg
Head of the Philosophy Department [Emeritus]
Hebrew University – Jerusalem

Would you also like to hear
What the Hebrew nation has to say?
Would you like to upgrade your study
To meaningful learning
Based on ancient prophetic wisdom?

This article is part of few “fairy tales.”
It turns out that they are hiding some truth.

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