Both amazing and frightening mysterious phenomenon

Analphabetic led to victories?

She was an analphabetic farmer’s daughter
Who claimed to hear the voice of God.
In the end, Joan of Arc left her life of anonymity
And led a crushed army
Toward victories that changed the fates of nations.
During the Hundred Years War,
When North France was destroyed by the English,
This girl claimed
That she had received orders from heaven
To lead France’s military to victory.
The French didn’t have anything to lose.
They let her command some of the soldiers
And to their amazement, she achieved a series
Of victories over the English.
With every victory, her reputation grew
And thus, she became a national hero
Who united the French people around her.

Nevertheless, they betrayed her;
She fell captive into English hands.
She claimed that she operated according to God’s direct instructions.
Therefore, they held a show trial for her
And in 1431
When she was only 19 years old (!)
She was burned at stake.

To understand this extraordinary girl

Scholars and researchers tried
For hundreds of years
To understand this extraordinary girl.
It is obvious that she was very intelligent
With good cognitive capabilities and the ability to speak rationally
As is evident from the transcripts of her trial.

Was she schizophrenic
[Because she heard voices?]
Neuroscientists are certain
That a significant number of individuals with epilepsy
Suffer from excess religiosity…
Perhaps Joan of Arc
Suffered from epilepsy in her brain?
Is there a part of the brain
That we can identify as the part that reacts to religious sentiments?!

There are even neuroscientists who claim
That there is a “spiritual gene” that causes the brain to be religious…
There are those who attribute religion
To different types of mental disorders…

Essentially, people Who exist on parallel universes...

Essentially, what we have here is different types of people
Who exist on parallel universes.
There is science, which relies on the senses
And everything that can be measured through the senses – or
With tools that simulate the senses
Is called science.
And what about things that can’t be measured in this way?
What about everything connected to the spiritual, personal side?

What do we do with inner experiences?

These are things that can’t be measured by science
And from its perspective, they don’t exist. It’s all nonsense.
Shakespeare wrote:

“Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies…
The lunatic, the lover and the poet
Are of imagination all compact.”

[From: A Midsummer Night’s Dream]

What does this mean – that scientists don’t love their spouses?
Love can’t be measured either…

If so, what is that sentiment that is the awe of God?
What is love of God? (NO! Click here to see)
This is a phenomenon that is both amazing and frightening at the same time.
The time has come to study it more deeply
Instead of rejecting it as total craziness.

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